Automating Fiber Optic Cross-Connect

AODF™ Applications Overview

The proven advantages of optical fiber have increasingly made it the infrastructure of choice for communication networking, from the Telecom operator’s network core through the last-mile upto the subscriber’s premises as well as in cloud computing data centers.

Optical infrastructures have been managed manually until now, but as the number of users and the demand for higher bandwidth in telecom networks and in data centers continue to grow, operators are increasingly shifting to fiber-optic technology. In making that change, however, they also expect novel management solutions that will allow them to remotely administer the physical layer, or layer-0, of their all-optical networks without compromising on bandwidth.

AODF design for various network topologies & applications

Network Topologies

  • Core backbone and metro fiber networks
    • Central office (CO) or network operation center (NOC)
  • Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) access networks
    • Multi-operator concentration point or single-operator application
      • Point-to-Point
      • Point-to-Multipoint/PON
  • Data centers
    • Main Distribution Area (MDA)

Indoor and Outside Plant Applications

  • 19” rack cabinet in central office/basements or data centers
  • Street huts or other shelters
  • Street cabinets
  • Manholes