Automating Fiber Optic Cross-Connect

Core Backbone & Metro Fiber Networks

Optical core/backbone mesh networks carry multiple logical links (layer-2 or 3) over each single physical link (layer-0). To avoid the risk of losing large amounts of data or to reduce time to repair in the event of the failure of a single physical link, telecom operators protect these networks by implementing an additional link as a backup for each physical link. In case of failure, they currently use a logical routing path method operating the redundant backup links. Having a backup network increases fiber costs and expands the system’s footprint with unused fibers.

Using the automated distribution optical layer-0 technique instead of layer 2-3 routing methods is less complex and more reliable. It allows operators to reduce the number of backup fibers and to offer rapid restoration of the network in case of failure. This design saves on both CAPEX and OPEX and improves long term fiber network survivability with its multiple logical links.