Automating Fiber Optic Cross-Connect

Fiber-rich Data Centers

The key challenges in managing the on-going growth in data center fiber-optic infrastructure are two: high cost and reliable service. Both these challenges can be overcome by discarding currently deployed manually managed distribution frames that are subject to high operational costs and increased risk of human error and by adopting TeliSwitch AODF technology.

Automated optical distribution frames enable enable significant reductions in operating costs, provide faster response time to network and equipment failures, and enjoy increased availability due to better inventory management. They also function independently of personnel working hours (i.e., weekends, holydays, etc.) and boast exceptionally high operational reliability.

November, 2011
BSRIA: Data center fiber outpacing copper by 16 percent
The study was conducted to look at the uptake of high speeds and to discover the media over which these speeds are being run, or plan to be run by the end of 2013.