Automating Fiber Optic Cross-Connect

About TeliSwitch

TeliSwitch was founded by a team of IT/Telecom Industry veterans with decades of network experience with the goal of bringing pure Optical-to-Optical switching to mass markets. TeliSwitch won the recent most important relevant tenders and its products, AODF & EMS, are integrated at the infrastructure of major telecom operators.

Over the last 15 years fiber optics has become the transmission infrastructure of choice in backbone, cell site backhaul (moreover in 5G networks) and data-centers.

Fiber’s major benefit – high bandwidth - brought accelerated development of high-speed and ubiquitous services to customers. However, the difficulty of managing this type of physical layer challenged CAPEX, OPEX and customer satisfaction, yet the bandwidth benefit was enough to accept this limitation.

However, bandwidth had become a commodity, and network operators need to compete on a newly created metric: agility.
New innovations such as Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) were developed to address the fast pace of change in business cycles. These technologies, however, do not address the largest, costliest, longest-life asset: the fiber optic layer. In a world where every business is expected to be agile, network operators find themselves with an inflexible infrastructure, slow to evolve and difficult to maintain.
TeliSwitch identified this explosion in fiber-based communications in networks and data-centers as a growing pain point for network planners and operators and has developed an automated yet passive optical switch to answer the need for managed fiber-optic infrastructure.
While other systems fail to meet market needs because of high cost and poor performance, TeliSwitch developed a unique Automated Optical Distribution Frame (AODF) technology
TeliSwitch AODF is based on a patented passive opto-mechatronics 3D architecture and machine learning, enabling remote fiber-optic network management and automated fiber cross-connections in the physical layer without compromise on optical performance.

As part of its complete solution, TeliSwitch provides a robust EMS (Elements Management System). This EMS is a powerful tool for managing/controlling/monitoring the fiber optic infrastructure as well as interfacing with the enterprises’ and carriers’ OSS. The EMS enable automated fiber recovery (AFR) and to automatically maintain alternate sites to be activated in case of disasters.
This technology is now the base for a range of products, uniquely positioned to address key growth markets . Competing solutions are limited in performance parameters, scalability and most critically on cost. Competitors cannot operate in the large DC and Metro segments due to the cost structure of their solutions.