Automating Fiber Optic Cross-Connect

TeliSwitch Unveils PON Automated ODF (PON-AODF™)

PON-AODFsaves up to 50% on OLT ports in FTTH/B deployments

Kfar-Saba, Israel, July 23, 2012 - -TeliSwitch Solutions ( today announced the release of its patented PON-AODF™ that enables dynamic changing of the splitting ratio in Passive Optical Networks (PON) to be adaptable to service penetration and meeting bandwidth service demand requirements.

Currently PON operators compromise between initial vs. anticipated service penetration rates and meeting future demands for higher bandwidth, typically using splitters with 32 or 64 split ratios. At low penetration rates, this wastes OLT ports, as one port must be allocated to each splitter even if it serves only a single customer. In addition, the high split ratio causes a shortage in bandwidth when the demand for higher bandwidth increases.

Implementing PON-AODF saves operators up to 50% on OLT ports as they are able to remotely adapt PON splitting ratios to growth, enabling the connection of more homes without compromising on future bandwidth demand. By installing PON-AODF with the OLT, the passive optical network is upgraded with adaptive splitting ratio capabilities while preserving the passive nature of the PON Optical Distribution Network (ODN).

“TeliSwitch PON-AODF deployment gives service providers the flexibility to install only as many OLT ports as needed to serve connected homes, saving up to 50% on PON ports, thus reducing total equipment costs,” said Rafi Ben-Atar, co-founder and CEO at TeliSwitch Solutions. “In addition, our PON-AODF reduces overall OPEX by making optical infrastructure remotely manageable, thereby minimizing human interventions and errors.”


PON-AODF™ is an automated ODF enhanced with adaptive splitting capabilities that upgrades Passive Optical Networks (PONs) to be adaptable to service penetration and bandwidth demand changes. PON-AODF offers optical performance identical to that of high quality passive ODFs and preserves optical links during power loss or maintenance. The life expectancy of its optical module is similar to typical optical infrastructure life spans. Remote service provisioning and remote network testing are also among its benefits.

About TeliSwitch Solutions

In developing the automated optical distribution frame (AODF™) family based on its patented opto-mechatronics architecture, TeliSwitch Solutions answers the challenge of automating fiber switching at layer-0 of communication networks without compromising on optical performance. TeliSwitch’s AODF product family brings state-of-the-art automated optical interconnection management capabilities to carrier core backbones, FTTH access networks, and data centers. For more information, please visit us at

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