Automating Fiber Optic Cross-Connect

AODF & PON-AODF Applications, Features & Benefits

Indoor and Outside Plant Applications

  • 19” rack cabinet in central office/basements or data centers
  • Street huts or other shelters
  • Street cabinets
  • Manhole

Network Topologies

  • Core backbone and metro fiber networks
    • Central office (CO) or network operation center (NOC)
  • Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) access networks
    • Multi-operator concentration point or single-operator
      • Point-to-Point
      • Point-to-Multipoint/PON
  • Data centers
    • Main Distribution Area (MDA)

Key AODF Features

  • High-capacity non-blocking switching
  • Excellent optical performance –
    Attenuation < 0.3dB, no crosstalk
  • Preserve optical links during power outage or system maintenance
  • Adjustable system configuration –
    Not one-size-fits-all
  • Modular design
  • AODF element redundancy
  • Best-in-class, standard optical connectors & fibers
  • Transparent to light modulation
  • Compliant with international regulatory standards
  • SW-based network element management system (EMS)

Advanced AODF Features (optional)

  • Customized optical loop-back routing policy
  • Additional light-source –
    Identify network fibers and detect fiber-loss
  • Automate connection with central test equipment
  • Network marginal protection