Automating Fiber Optic Cross-Connect

TeliSwitch Products Overview

How can you benefit from TeliSwitch AODF?

  • Automating manual ODF capabilities
    • Remote all-optical network – physical layer management
    • Deep dive into the network's optical layer
      • Remote monitoring & troubleshooting
  • Save-on OPEX & Gain High User Satisfaction
    • Cut down on field workforce
    • Fiber protection and restoration
    • Quick Mean-Time-to-Repair (MTTR)
    • Always-on, bi-directional broadband network
  • Improve Network Security
    • Physical fiber partitioning
    • Real-time, holistic view of the physical layer
      • Reduced entries to operator's property
      • Avoid incorrect manual fiber interconnects
  • Guarantee Infrastructure Longevity
    • High-performance optical switching
    • Meeting Optical Layer Life Expectancy of 40 years
  • PON-AODF brings flexibility to PON infrastructure
    • Enables an adaptive splitting ratio in PON
    • Supports extreme bandwidth demand
    • Saves up to 50% on initial OLT ports
    • Provide OLT ports protection
    • Makes PON infrastructure remotely manageable and testable