Automating Fiber Optic Cross-Connect

TeliSwitch Technology

TeliSwitch introduces unique telecom architectures that address the key issues faced by operators in fiber optic network physical layers when they deploy optical networks, whether as backbone and backhaul networks, access networks, or in data centers.

The company’s proprietary automated optical switching technology, the essence of its automated optical distribution frames (AODF™), is based on a unique opto-mechatronics architecture that provides excellent optical performance even in harsh environments.

TeliSwitch AODF technology can be enhanced with adaptive passive optical splitting ratios to provide PON-Automated ODF (PON-AODF™) that enables PON operators to adapt the passive optical network to changes and support bandwidth hanger services such as IPTV, HDTV, 3DTV and online gaming.

PON-AODF architecture uses an all-optical switching technique to interconnect fibers between operators’ OLT ports and customer premises using passive optical splitters with various splitting ratios. This unique architecture allows operators not only to limit the number of OLT port connections to match the number of homes subscribed to the service, but also to increase bandwidth as demand grows.  

TeliSwitch technology is protected by several registered and pending patents.

TeliSwitch’s patented AODF cylindrical architecture fits into a 19" rack. Any increase/decrease in switching capacity affects only AODF system height, and its switching dimensions are flexible and can be asymmetric (M × N).

In addition, our proprietary architecture enables additional switching attributes to be incorporated  as needed, without altering the system’s physical size, by adding K number of network ports to change switching capacity from M × N to M × (N × K).

For example, an AODF that connects 144 home ports to 144 operator ports can be extended to serve four operators, each of who deploys 144 optical fibers (for a total of 576) independently connectible to any one of the 144 home ports. Each operator’s fibers can be connected to any of the 144 home ports.

Flexible in every way

Realizing that the communications market is ever changing and that each market has its on characteristics and standards, we understand that operators or IT administrators can no longer use off-the-shelf solutions to manage their fiber-rich communications networks. Therefore, we developed an automated optical distribution frame (AODF™) system to automate manual ODF features and meet the following criteria:

  • High performance optics –
    Attenuation: < 0.3dB;
    Repeatability: ± 0.05dB; Crosstalk: <180dB
  • System longevity –
    AODF optical module is designed for a 40 years
    life expectancy
  • Adjustable system configuration –
    Switching capacity is defined by three attributes: M x N x K
  • Modular design –
    Scalable growth by adding AODF units
  • Future Proof –
    AODF Asymmetric, three-attribute switching architecture